Captain’s Interview: Meals on Wheels of Durham

Before our inaugural Durham Softball season, we asked our team captains to answer some questions about their organizations so we can help educate our players on their cause and why their work is important for the Durham community. These are their answers!

Meals on Wheels of Durham

Co-Captain’s Name:
Annette Read & Amia Bullard

Job / Title with Non-Profit:
Community Outreach Director

Personal Background:
Annette Read is the current Community Outreach Director at Meals on Wheels of Durham. She holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development from Pfeiffer University. She is originally from Rochester, New York, and relocated to Durham in 2001 with her husband and son. Prior to Meals on Wheels she was the Vice President of Human Resources at Qualex, Inc. a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company and after 30 years of service, retired in the summer of 2011. In her current role, she is responsible for volunteer management, recruiting new volunteers and being out and about in our communities speaking about the Meals on Wheels Program and its mission to enhance the quality of life for seniors, people with disabilities and other citizens in our community who are unable to provide proper nutrition for themselves. She has often used the quote from Confucius that says, “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” hat’s what she has found at Meals on Wheels.

What is your softball experience level?
I grew up playing softball with kids in my neighborhood every weekend. To this day, it is a very fond memory. I also played in my high school softball league.

What does you like most about Meals on Wheels of Durham?
I love the volunteers that help us daily with packing over 450 meals and delivering 31 routes each weekday throughout Durham County. We couldn’t do it with out them!

Please describe Meals on Wheels of Durham and what they do for the Durham community.
Meals on Wheels of Durham, Inc. is a non-profit agency committed to enhancing the quality of life for eligible home-bound adults in our community. Our mission is to serve the elderly, frail, disabled, convalescing and others who cannot provide proper nutrition for themselves. Dedicated volunteers deliver lunches to our clients each weekday, with the objective of improving the nutritional status and health of these individuals. It is our goal that this combination of nutritious meals and social contact will help our clients to remain independent as long as possible.

What is a specific project/initiative will a contribution from Durham Softball help?
Meals on Wheels of Durham delivers a nutritious meal, a safety check and a smile that serves as a lifeline to seniors of limited mobility. This combination goes well beyond fighting the battle against the hunger that threatens one in six of America’s seniors – it provides the support and peace of mind that enable them to remain safely and securely in their own homes as they continue to age. Enabling seniors to stay in their own homes means they remain happier, extend their independence and can stay connected to the communities and surroundings that provide them comfort. The powerful side effect of this result is that it means seniors can stay out of expensive nursing facilities and hospitals. Contributions from Durham Softball will help to pay for food to feed our senior population. $110 will feed a senior for a month!

Why did Meals on Wheels of Durham want to join the Durham Softball League?
Meals on Wheels Durham likes to partner with other great organizations that are in our community. These partnerships are vital and mutually beneficial. It also allows our volunteers to network and have fun together.

What would Meals on Wheels of Durham do with a $200 donation from Durham Softball? What would they do with a $1000 donation?
Our meals cost $5 so a $200 donation with provide 40 meals to seniors in need and $1000 will allow us to provide 200 meals, which would be AWESOME!

Other than your own team, what other non-profit in the Durham Softball League would you want to win the championship? Why?
We are in great company with the other non-profits in the Durham Softball League. We are honored and proud to participate and will be cheering for everyone.

Featured Week Donation Item: Granola Bars!

Granola Bars are a great way to provide a quick and easy snack for a senior who may have trouble cooking their own meal. Also called Breakfast Bars or Nutrition Bars (eg. Nature Valley, Quaker, Kind, etc.), these bars have a long shelf life and provide lots of nutrition in a simple and easy to eat package.

During one week of the 2018 season, Durham Softball players will have the chance to donate GRANOLA BARS to Meals on Wheels of Durham. The team that combines to bring the most Granola Bars to give to our community’s seniors will earn a bonus donation for their team’s sponsor! Points will be awarded per bar, not per box, and donations will be accepted at the field until the last out of the last game each week. Healthy (especially low-sodium) and “chewy” options, please!

Thanks for your support!