2021 Spring Rainout Policies

Rainouts / Cancellations Due to Weather

We will be using DPR facilities at Pineywood and have a hard deadline to finish the season before all DPR facilities close for the Summer on July 1. Because of this time restraint, we will not be rescheduling games that are cancelled or rained out. Every effort to play all our games each week will be made, but DPR will ultimately decide if the fields are playable and determine if we can use the fields each day. This is to ensure the full season is finished before the fields close for the Summer.

To make up for the missed game, we’ll be offering players $5 per game CREDITS as compensation for any cancelled games. The credits can be used towards future Play NC & Durham Softball registrations, including the Fall 2021 softball season. These will be issued as coupon codes to use on our website for any event or league we offer, or you can consider the cancellation as a “donation” towards our charities. At the end of the season, we will total any amounts owed from cancellations and send you a form to either request the coupon code or add the funds to our donation pool.

2021 Spring Playoff Structure

With 10 Teams in the League, only the TOP 8 TEAMS during the Regular Season will advance to the 2021 Durham Softball Spring Playoffs. The Teams that make the Playoffs will be determined by:

  1. Win-Loss Record.
  2. Head-to-Head Record.
  3. Run Differential.
  4. Runs Scored.

The Top 8 Teams will play a single elimination tournament to determine the winner.

The Bottom 2 Teams will play a Consolation Tournament, which could be up to two games long.

Of the 4 teams to lose in Week 1, the Highest Seed will advance to the Consolation Championship against the winner of the 9/10 matchup. The winner of the 9/10 matchup will advance one more week to play the “Highest Seed to Lose” for one more game before the end of the season and a chance at the Consolation Championship.

  • Every Win during either tournament will earn $50 for the Winning Team’s Charity.
  • The Championship Winning Team will earn $200.
  • The Consolation Winning Team will earn $100.
  • total of $700 in donations will be awarded between our 19 Charities during the Playoffs.