2021 Summer Donation Pool Structure & Playoff Format

Because of the unique schedule this season, we’ve adapted the playoff format and donation structure slightly for this season. Details below.

Donations will be awarded to the team’s charity two ways:

  1. $1 per Run Scored during the season (max $20 per game).
  2. Bonuses for finishing in the Top 8.
  3. Wins during the Playoffs.

End-of-Season Bonuses shall be awarded, as follows: 

  • 1st Place, +$150
  • 2nd Place, +$100
  • 3rd Place, +$75
  • 4th Place, +$50
  • 5th – 8th Place, +$25


Because the Parks will be closed after November 1, and still allow one backup rain date, we are scheduling our Playoffs for Sunday, October 24. With only 1-week for playoffs in Summer 2021, we’re playing a modified schedule from a standard 2-week playoff format.

  • The 1, 2, 3, and 4 teams advance to a single elimination tournament to decide the Champion.
  • The 5, 6, 7, and 8 teams advance to a single elimination tournament to decide the First Consolation.
  • The 9, 10, 11, and 12 teams advance to a single elimination tournament to decide the Second Consolation.
  • The 13 and 14 teams advance to a single elimination tournament to decide the Third Consolation.

The Second and Third Playoff Consolation games will be played AT ANOTHER FIELD IN DURHAM (TBD), also on Sunday, October 24.

Playoff Game Bonuses shall be awarded, as follows: 

  • $50 for any First Round win.
  • $150 for the Championship.
  • $100 for First Consolation Championship.
  • $75 for Second Consolation Championship.

For example, if a team scores 82 runs and comes in 2nd Place, they will earn $182 for their charity. If they also win their 1st round game and the Championship, they add +$200 to their winnings to donate a total of $382 to their sponsor’s charity on the season!

At the start of the 2021 Summer season, we are projecting about $2000 in donations this season! We’ll see if we can meet that goal!

2018 Final Budget Report

Budget for Durham Softball, a charity softball league in Durham, NC
Final 2018 Budget Report for Durham Softball! Thanks to everyone for playing and making this year possible. Here is the recap of a few goals we had for the league this year and how close we came to achieving them:

1. Field a league with 8 teams of players. 
We only had 5 in the Spring, but we had 11 in the Summer. We averaged 8 teams per season, so we’ll call that a SUCCESS.

2. Donate 40% of our revenues. 
We definitely underestimated the cost of certain items in our budget, but they ended up being necessary to build a foundation for future seasons. Still, I think hindsight has shown that was way too optimistic. After going through Year 1, I’d now say 22.75% is pretty solid, but we FAILED on this one.

3. Donate more than $3,000. 
We *only* donated $2,800 in cash and didn’t quite hit $3,000, but our physical item donation drives were much more successful than I anticipated. With an estimated value of an additional $2,500 worth of items donated, I think we should call this a SUCCESS.

4. Get the Durham Bulls Baseball Club to acknowledge our league’s existence. 
We were really just hoping for a Twitter shout out or something, but we won their $10,000 Ballpark Renovation Grant and got invited onto the DBAP field to represent our league at a Bulls game. That was incredible. I still can’t believe it happened, but there are photos so I’m pretty sure it was real. Huge SUCCESS here.

5. Reach 500 Facebook Followers. 
We didn’t make it to 500, but the Followers we do have are great. If you’ve read this far and you’re still reading because you care about this league, you’re extra awesome. We FAILED, but maybe we’ll get there before next season!

Going 3 for 5 sounds like a pretty good game, so we’ll take it! Thanks again for playing everyone!

2018 Spring Sponsor Donation Pool

2018 Durham Softball Budget

SPONSOR DONATION POOL – 2018 Pre-Season Projection

To make the games mean something, the teams are also playing for bonus donation amounts that are distributed from the Sponsor Donation Pool. Teams can earn extra bonuses for their Sponsors by achieving several different goals during the season.

Charity Distributions $ Donated
Divided by All Teams $4.00 / Game
Game Winner $3.00 / Game
Tournament Winner $100 / Season
Tournament Runner-Up $50 / Season
Regular Season 1st $100 / Season
Regular Season 2nd $50 / Season
7 Weekly Donation Drive Events $25 / Event
  • Play a single game. Each charity receives $2 per game just for playing.
  • Win a single game. Each charity receives an extra $3 per victory during the regular season.
  • Finish in 1st place. The first-place regular season team will earn $100 for their charity.
  • Finish in 2nd place. The second-place regular season team will earn $50 for their charity.
  • Win the Tournament. The tournament winner will earn $100 for their charity.
  • Runner-Up in Tournament. The tournament’s runner-up will earn $50 for their charity.
  • Win a Donation Drive Event. Win $25 for your charity by donating the most of a particular item during the contest.
  • Umpire’s Charity. Any amounts left at the end of the season will be given to one charity selected by the umpire based on each team’s attitude and sportsmanship during the season.





Including our weekly donation contests, we are projecting a minimum donation of $800 for our 2018 Spring Season. The donation range for each of our 8 charities will be between a $28 and $214, depending on how many games the team wins, where they place in the regular season, and how well they do in the tournament.

The amount of the 5th place team’s regular season earnings will also be donated to South Durham Little League, Kidznotes, and Meals on Wheels. All donations will be made with a one-time payment to the Sponsor at the end of the season, once the final amounts have been calculated.

Sponsor Donation Pool

The basic concept of the Durham Softball sponsor donations is for the teams to compete to earn donations for their sponsor organization. Every sponsor is guaranteed a minimum donation for their participation, but the sponsor will receive a larger donation at the end of the season based on the number of games their team won, where they placed in the standings, and how well they did in the playoffs. Basically, the better the team performs, the more money the team will raise for their sponsored charity.

While the distributions are determined before the season, the actual dollar amount of the donation will vary based on our total player registration. Instead of a flat prize structure, the league will establish a Donation Pool from all additional funds remaining after the league pays its expenses. The size of the Donation Pool will vary based on the number of players, with a larger percentage of each registration fee going towards charity as more players sign up to play softball.

Because we want to help all of the organizations involved with the league, but we also want there to be enough incentive for the players to make league to be competitive, we have divided the distributions into four main categories: Participation, Wins, Regular-Season, and Playoffs.

Durham Softball’s 2019 Spring Donation Structure

This amount is subject to change each season, but the general principle remains the same. The more people we can recruit to play softball, the more we can help these great organizations!