Donation Drive #2 – Dog Toys for Hope Animal Rescue

Donation Drive #2 - Dog Toys for Hope Animal Rescue!

Donate your dog toys to Hope Animal Rescue this weekend!


I hope everyone had a great bye week and got to spend some time with their family. Our sock drive was a big success a few weeks ago, so I’m excited about our next donation drive this weekend! It looks like we are going to have some trouble with the rain, but we can at least pretend it’ll happen for now. If we get rained out this week, both of our events will be rescheduled.

DOG TOY DONATION DRIVE: The team that donates the most dog toys to Hope Animal Rescue this week will earn a $25 bonus donation towards their team sponsor’s charity. Any type, size, or style of dog toy will be accepted. If a dog is supposed to chew on it and use it for fun or exercise, it counts as a dog toy. Items must be new or lightly used, with at least ~75% of its usable life still left. Donations will be accepted at the field until the last out of the last game of the day.

VEGGIE DAY: Dig It Farm will be out at the fields this weekend with a free serving of veggies for all players! They should have some extra produce to sell to fans and players if you want more locally grown, fresh picked veggies to take home with you. Their Spring CSA is just getting started and the Summer CSA starts in a couple months at $10/week. Highly recommended!

Hope for good weather!

Dig It Farm supports Durham Softball!

A sample of the veggies available from Dig It Farm in Durham, NC.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with a great local business, Dig It Farm

Dig It Farm is a local vegetable farm that uses organic practices in Bahama, NC to provide fresh-from-the-ground veggies at local Farmer Markets and their CSA Program.

With their CSA Program, you pre-pay for the season, and get an assortment of fresh produce delivered each week. It’s a convenient way to get a great range of fresh, healthy produce each week, and simultaneously support a growing, environmentally-friendly local farm. It doesn’t get more fresh or local than Dig It Farm – their farm is less than 15 miles from Durham. Your veggies will still be in the ground less than 24 hours before your weekly delivery date, while most large grocers have their food stored for weeks before making it available to purchase. If you have time to cook each week, love vegetables, and enjoy eating new greens and roots, then the Dig It Farm CSA is for you!

During the 2018 Softball Season, Dig It Farm will be sponsoring two “Veggie Weeks,” during which Durham Softball players will get to take home FREE fresh veggies after their game. Dig It Farm will provide examples of the sizes and contents of their weekly CSA Boxes, with a small individual serving of fresh produce given out to everyone. The quantity and type of veggies available during the Dig It Farm sample weeks will be based on what is fresh and in-season at the time, but we can promise it will be delicious!

Thank you to Dig It Farm for their support of our cause and helping us encourage healthy eating habits!

Weekly Promotions During the Regular Season

All 8 of Our Non-Profit Sponsor Organizations

During each week of the season, we will try to hold weekly promotions that encourage players from all teams to come together and support one of our causes. This will give players a reason to learn about each organization in the league and understand why the work they do is important. We hope the concept will help bring the players from different teams together under the same common goal of helping the Durham community through softball.

To encourage participation and give players another way to help all of the causes in the league, we will host a contest to reward the team that collects the most of a particular item each week. During each promotion, a Prize Pool will be set and the top 2 donating teams will earn a portion of the pool for their charity.

Specific dates are still TBD, but here are the details of the feature weeks we have planned so far:

  • Central Piedmont Community Action
    • Two Clothing Drives – one for Socks and one for Coats – to support the CPCA’s Clothes Closet project. Any pair of socks and any type of coat made for humans will be accepted, regardless of size. Items must be new or lightly used, with no stains/holes/rips/tears.
  • Hope Animal Rescue
    • Dog Toys – Any new or lightly used Dog Toy will be accepted.
  • Meals on Wheels
    • Nutrition Bars – Any low-sodium, healthy breakfast / nutrition / granola bar will be accepted.
  • STEM in the Park
    • Brain Food – All individual-sized bags of pretzels, chips, trail mix, goldfish, peanuts, etc. will be accepted.d.
  • Girls on the Run of the Triangle
    • Colored Pencils / Markers – Any new, unused box of colored markers, or any new or lightly used box of colored pencils, will be accepted.
  • Housing for New Hope
    • Bath Towels – Any new or lightly used bath towels, including hand towels and bath mats, will be accepted.

Donations will be accepted at the field by the umpire until the last out of the last game of the day.

We appreciate your help! We hope this encourages more direct giving and participation so all of our teams can support a sponsor even if they aren’t on their team. Where possible, weeks will be sponsored by other local businesses who support our mission and want to give back to the Durham community.