Valid Starting Lineups

Our goal is to always allow teams to play a game that counts, even if they have to play at a disadvantage. The most likely cause of an invalid roster is not having enough female players to field a full “7 Males / 3 Females” defensive lineup. To make sure the game can be played, we have relaxed the rules and requirements for a valid roster to also accommodate 1 or 2 Females on the roster. Below are the scenarios that might come up with the number of players who arrive each game.

  • 1 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 8 Males, 1 Female, Opponent as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-(Out)
    • Max. 9 Players in the Lineup
    • Additional Males can substitute in during the game
  • 2 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 8 Males, 2 Females, Male as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 10 Players in the Lineup
    • Additional Males can substitute in during the game
  • 3 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup (Preferred Minimum Lineup)
    • 7+ Males, 3 Females, Any Player as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 15 Players in the Lineup
  • 4+ Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 6-7+ Males, 3-4+ Females, Any Player as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-F-M-M-F-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 15 Players in the Lineup

A maximum of 10 defensive players are permitted on the field at any time. At least 4 of those players must be positioned in the Outfield Grass prior to the pitch.

No more than 4 Male Batters can hit in a row. This includes the end of the lineup, where the order wraps around back to the top of the lineup.

If a team has only 1 Female Player available, the other team may volunteer a Catcher who’s only responsibility is to return pitched balls to the pitcher.

If a team has only 2 Female Players available, a Male on their own team must play catcher.

Sponsor Donation Pool

The basic concept of the Durham Softball sponsor donations is for the teams to compete to earn donations for their sponsor organization. Every sponsor is guaranteed a minimum donation for their participation, but the sponsor will receive a larger donation at the end of the season based on the number of games their team won, where they placed in the standings, and how well they did in the playoffs. Basically, the better the team performs, the more money the team will raise for their sponsored charity.

While the distributions are determined before the season, the actual dollar amount of the donation will vary based on our total player registration. Instead of a flat prize structure, the league will establish a Donation Pool from all additional funds remaining after the league pays its expenses. The size of the Donation Pool will vary based on the number of players, with a larger percentage of each registration fee going towards charity as more players sign up to play softball.

Because we want to help all of the organizations involved with the league, but we also want there to be enough incentive for the players to make league to be competitive, we have divided the distributions into four main categories: Participation, Wins, Regular-Season, and Playoffs.

Durham Softball’s 2019 Spring Donation Structure

This amount is subject to change each season, but the general principle remains the same. The more people we can recruit to play softball, the more we can help these great organizations!

Awards & Bonuses

In addition to the donations we’ll make to these sponsor organizations based on their participation and performance, teams in the league are also competing for a few nice prizes each season. The physical prizes will be awarded to the non-profit sponsor organization of the team that wins the award, as described below.

Umpire’s Choice Award

The Durham Softball Umpire’s Choice Award is an extra end-of-season bonus donation for one team in the league. The Award is voted on by the Umpires affiliated with the league at the end of the season.

The Umpire’s Choice Award pool is equal to 2% of the available Donation Pool at the end of the regular season. For 12 to 19 players per team, this donation would roughly be between $23 and $72, respectively, depending on the number of players in the league. The Umpires will vote for the team that most exemplifies the following characteristics during the season:

  • Sportsmanship. The players respect their opponents and do not seek conflict while playing the game.
  • Team Work. The players respect their teammates, speak positively, and encourage each other during the game.
  • Service. The players participate in weekly promotions and contribute to the causes of the other teams in the league.

To be eligible for the award, the team must have zero forfeits on the season. These requirements are meant to encourage fair play and allow the Umpires to also help give back and contribute to our cause.

Player’s Choice Award

The Durham Softball Player’s Choice Award is basically the exact same as the Umpire’s Choice Award, only voted on by the Players in the league, rather than the Umpires. The donation amounts, voting criteria, and eligibility requirements are all the same.

Regular Season / Tournament Champions

In addition to receiving the largest performance-based donation bonus for having the best record at the end of the season, the Regular Season Champion’s sponsor organization will receive a custom trophy. The trophy is being donated to the league by The Tockery, a local Durham custom wood and acrylic fabricating and engraving shop, and will be customized to include the name and logo of the winning organization.

The Tockery is also making Giant Checks to present to all teams at the end of the season. The check will be made out in the amount of the donation that the team earned for their non-profit sponsor that season. The teams won’t be able to keep the check, but it’ll still look cool for pictures. Everyone likes to take a picture with a giant check, right?

Drinks at Sponsor Bar

Each week, our sponsor bar has been gracious enough to offer a free pitcher of domestic brew to all teams on Sunday after their games! Just show up on Sunday afternoon with at least 4 people from your team wearing their Durham Softball jerseys. Since our Sponsor is kind enough to pay for the first drink each week, they hope you’ll stay for lunch and tip your server well!