2019 Summer Softball Registration


Welcome to Durham Softball!

REGISTRATIONS CLOSED ON JULY 14! We may still be able to add a few players this season, so please place a Backorder, if you’re interested! This order is for the 2019 SUMMER Season of Durham Softball. Registrations are only guaranteed for returning players, but we should be able to accommodate ~60-75 new players this season if you sign up early. Please add your group information, jersey sizes, and team details (as needed) in the Order Details section right before Checkout. Thanks for playing!



REGISTRATIONS CLOSED ON JULY 14! We are in EXTRA INNINGS, meaning there are very few roster spots still remaining. As of 7/15, we have space for FIVE more players this season. Sign up for a Backorder now! 

Registration for Durham Softball’s 2019 Summer Season

Welcome to the Durham Softball League! This is the page to register and pay your entry fee for participation in Durham Softball’s 2019 Summer Co-Ed Recreational Softball League.

Registering as a NEW PLAYER / TEAM and NEED A NEW JERSEY

  • $60 per Player Entry Fee for Single Season as a Free Agent or Small Group.
  • Full Teams (13-16 players) can purchase a Team Registration for the price of 12.5 Players, or $750 ($46.88/player)
    • Currently, there are only 2 openings for New Full Teams this Summer.
  • Choose your preferences for charities to play for and sign up as an individual or as a group.
  • Returning Players have priority to stay on their current teams, but New Players will be added based on order of registration and their preferences, where possible.
  • New Players may not be guaranteed a roster spot, based on returning Player registrations. Read more about this possibility below.
  • Between 20% and 25% of all Entry Fees Will Be Donated to Local Non-Profit Organizations.


  • $55 per Player Entry Fee for Returning Players who do not need/want a new Team Jersey.
  • Full teams that do not need new Jerseys (ie. returning teams) can sign up for only $675 ($75 OFF).
    • If you add new individual replacements to a returning group, new Jerseys can be added for $10/player by placing the “Add-On Player” product to your order.

Benefits Included With Registration

League Details

  • Games played on Sundays at Shepard Middle School in Durham, NC.
  • Games will start between 9:30am and 5:30pm.
    • Schedules are balanced so that all Teams have a similar average game starting time.
    • We are starting earlier this Summer to avoid the heat.
  • New for Summer: Games will be scheduled for 55 minutes and start with a 1-1 batting count.
  • Each Team Scheduled for 9 or 10 Regular Season Games + 0, 1, 2, or 3 Playoff Games (As Low As $4.61/game).
    • Structure will be either 9 regular season games + 1 guaranteed playoff game, or 10 regular season games + no guaranteed playoff game.
    • The Playoffs will be played no later than Sunday, October 27. If we are able to get all 10 games in before November, we will.
    • There will be a 9 or 10 Week Regular Season, with either 0 or 1 Double-Header scheduled per Team.
  • Top 8 Teams make the Playoffs
  • Spring Season: Begins March 31; Ends Before July*
  • Summer Season: Begins One Week after Spring Season Playoffs; Ends Before November*
    • As of 4/18/19, we are scheduled to begin the Summer League on July 28.

Sponsor Organizations

We have recruited a great group on local Durham non-profit organizations to be a part of our 3rd Charity Softball Season and we’re really excited to support and unite these incredible causes. For more information on the team sponsors that you’ll be playing for, and against, during the season, please check out these organizations below.

During the season, each team will be competing to win donations for their Sponsor Organization. The amount each Sponsor earns during the season is determined based on team’s results during the season. Basically, if your team wins a game, places in the Top 4 during the regular season, or does well in the playoffs, then your charity will receive a larger donation from Durham Softball at the end of the season. For details, check out the details of our Sponsor Donation Pool.

You do not need to have any type of previous affiliation with any of these organizations in order to play for their team. You can choose the play for any team you’d like, for any reason. We hope you’ll learn a little about each sponsor’s mission and find a cause that you fully support so you are excited about helping them out every week on the ball field.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Individual Registration

If you would be considered a “Free Agent” and do not have a requirement to play with a particular group of people, you should register as an individual.

  1. Choose Male or Female.
  2. Select New or Returning Player.
  3. Select Individual Registration
  4. Add the Product to your Cart and Checkout.
  5. Indicate Jersey size preference in the Order Details section at Checkout.

Each team in the league will have between 13 and 16 players. To keep team rosters balanced, you may be asked to switch teams if you are not one of the first 13 players to sign up for a particular team. You may also be forced to move teams if your charity receives the fewest registrations and needs to be consolidated with another charity. Returning Players have first priority to remain on their current Teams, if they want to play again in the Summer.

Final Team Assignments will be made at least two weeks before the season begins, or ASAP within 48 hours of the final Summer registration deadline.

Small Group Registration

If you have a group together already and you would like to play with a specific group of people, you may register as an group to ensure everyone stays together. If you are going to need Free Agents added to your group to field a full team of 13+ players, follow these steps:

  1. Take all the same steps for an Individual Registration and repeat for each person in your group.
  2. Add a unique Registration for each person to your Cart, so that each one represents a different person in your group.
  3. Add each person’s name and email address in the Order Notes.
  4. Checkout and purchase registrations at one time with your entire group added to one Cart.

If you want to sign up as a Small Group, one person in your group should add multiple Roster Spots to their Cart and pay for everyone at once. For example, if you have a group of 8 people who want to play together, one person should purchase 8 Roster Spots on the same order. Please add registrations “as if you were that player,” including the jersey size requested for all players on your team (eg. Add 1 Small + 2 Mediums + 3 Larges for 6 Players registering for the same team).

Please note your teammates’ names and email addresses on your order under the “Order Notes” section at Checkout prior to proceeding to PayPal. Team Assignments will always prioritize keeping groups together over playing for a specific team, so you will always get to play with your friends regardless of what charity you are assigned.

If you have an entire Team (13-16 Players) ready to play and do not want Free Agents added to your team, you should purchase the Team Registration item to receive a discount on the registration fees for 16 Players.

Summer League

TEAM REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED! With Registrations closed on July 14, we only have space for a few more individual Free Agents. Please contact us if you have any questions before registration! If you don’t get placed on a Team, your payment will be refunded in full. 

We sold out all 16 Teams and 256 Roster Spots this Spring. We had a 85% retention rate last year from Spring-Summer, so we are estimating 39 open “Free Agent” spots available this Summer on a variety of Teams. We’ll be adding two new Sponsors to increase the size of our league to 18 Teams, so that will add another 32 spots for Groups.

Basically, if you are not one of the first few dozen people to register, or a member of the first two full teams to register, you may not be guaranteed a spot on a Team this Summer. We will let you know ASAP if that possibility comes in to play and will try to get you on a team, if possible.

Team Balancing

There are a maximum of 16 Roster Spots on each team. If one team does not reach a minimum of 13 Player Registrations, a few Players may be asked to change teams and play for another cause to balance the rosters. This ensures all sponsors are able to field a full team each week to reduce the chance a team might forfeit, so balancing the rosters should make the league more fun for everyone involved. Our goal is to make sure every team has at least 13 Players so we can ignore this entire section.

If you have successfully registered for one of the 16 Roster Spots for your preferred sponsor, Team Balancing will never mean you are FORCED to play for another team. Every possible accommodation that can be made, will be made. We believe that all of our sponsors are worthy of your time and donations, so we hope that you wouldn’t mind playing for any of our great organizations if it made the league more fun for everyone involved. All teams will also be required to have at least 5 Female players, so Male registrations may be limited for a particular team if they do not already have at least 5 Females on their team.

In the event one or more teams fail to receive at least 12 player registrations, the league may contract their team and distribute their team members to other organizations for the season. Click here for a full description of this possibility. Players will be asked to change teams in reverse order of their registration, so sign up early to ensure your spot on the team of your choice!

Refund Policy

We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because your refund will be reducing our Donation Pool, we hope you’ll give us a chance to fix any problems before it gets to that point. However, you can still request a refund for any reason. You will have to actually give a reason (so we can try to fix it for the next player), but any reason will be accepted. After the start of the season, prorated refunds will be honored if you are not satisfied with our league for any reason.

Additional Durham Softball League Details

Additional information

M or F

Male, Female

New | Returning

New Player, Returning Player (Spring 2019)

Ind / Team

Individual, Team

Jersey Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large

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