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Prospective Charities / Non-Profits

Do you represent a local, Durham-based non-profit organization and want to join our softball league as an expansion team sponsor? Great! Thanks for your interest! We do have a few requirements for you to consider before applying:

  1. Your organization must be a non-profit.
  2. Your organization must sponsor programs or maintain offices in Durham County.
  3. Your organization must allow Durham Softball to use your name and logo on our website, social media, and jerseys. All materials would still be approved by you, but we’ll need permission to promote your organization as a part of the league and print jerseys with your organization’s logo.
  4. Your organization must designate a contact within your organization as our main contact for softball-related emails and social media. This person will likely have less than 15 minutes worth of work to do each season, if anything.
  5. Preference will be given to organizations that represent unique categories that differ from existing teams.

Unlike traditional team sponsors, Durham Softball’s Sponsor Organizations do not pay anything to join the league and do not pay any fees for participation. Instead, sponsoring a team means the team’s players will represent your organization and compete to earn donations for their Sponsor. We brought in a diverse group of great local Durham non-profit groups that all have a similar mission to improve Durham and think every group is worthy of our help for different reasons. Player Registration fees will pay for the expenses, with all remaining funds going towards a Donation Pool and donated to the team sponsors in the league.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Raise Money For Your Cause. During the season, the team that represents your charity in the league will compete to earn donations for your charity at the end of the season. Your team will be guaranteed a baseline donation for simply participating, but your team can earn larger donations for your charity by winning games during the regular season and playoffs. During the 2018 Spring season, we were able to donate $7/game during the regular season and almost $400 in end-of-season bonuses, for a total of over $800 in donations raised, overall. We hope to be able to increase that number with more teams, so your participation will help increase the donations for all our charities!
  • Partner With Other Non-Profits. All of the teams in the Durham Softball league represent great causes in our community and help support each other. We recognize the value that each of our groups bring to Durham and want them to be proud to be associated with the other great local causes in the league. This is a perfect excuse to interact with other local charities, learn about each other’s programs, and gain exposure for your cause among a fairly diverse audience.
  • Two Free Roster Spots. Each Sponsor Organization will have two free roster spots on their team that are reserved for the sponsor organization’s representative and anyone else you’d like to play. You can give the two spots away to employees, volunteers, program participants, or social media followers – the two “Sponsored” roster spots are free as an extra token of our appreciation for your service to our community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to provide my own team?

No! We will recruit and assign players to your teams. However, if your team fails to meet the minimum player count for a full team, your team may get consolidated with another charity. We can donate more to your cause if we fill the team, so any help you can provide would be great!

Do I have to pay for anything?

No! The goal of the league is to raise money for your charity, so you’ll never have a single required cost related to your organization’s involvement in the league.

Do I have to do anything during the games?

No! Your organization will receive two free roster spots, so you are welcome to play on the team or give the spot away to someone who wants it. We’d love it if you came out to play, or at least cheer on your team from the stands, but there is no requirement for anyone affiliated with your organization to come to the games.

Team Sponsors

One of the goals of the Durham Softball league is to help Durham in a variety of ways, so each of our teams has been carefully selected to represent a different and unique cause in the local community. For our first season, we recruited eight wonderfully unique and amazing charities to represent our teams during our inaugural season.

We are hoping to expand in the upcoming seasons and are specifically looking for charities that represent the following categories in our community:

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Military Veterans
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Arts / Culture
  • Civil Rights
  • Research

Basically, we want to make this a fun way for people to support your worthy cause. If you manage or represent a non-profit in the Triangle area and want to help the league by sponsoring a team, please complete the form below. We’d love to help you out!


These answers will be private and only used by Durham Softball to communicate with you and your organization.