Sponsor Us

We have had several local businesses who have shown interest in helping sponsor our league and are extremely grateful for their offers to support our cause. To answer most questions, we’ve outlined the basic details for Sponsorship below. We would be glad to work with your business or organization to accomplish any marketing goal you might have.


You’ll want to be certain that your message will get to the types of people you want to reach, so make sure our field’s market sounds like your target customer before considering joining as a Field Sponsor. These are the demographics for the people who will see your message.

  • 60% Male / 40% Female. We are a co-ed rec league.
  • Mostly Aged 21 to 45. Relatively young and athletic.
  • Primarily Durham Residents. Over 80% of registrants list Durham, NC as their home city.
  • Interested in Charitable Causes. Many players join specifically to help their charity.
  • Active Lifestyles. Our players obviously like to play softball, and probably other sports.

If you have any questions about the market you will reach, just come out and join us one Sunday and watch our games!


Our League supports local non-profits who are doing something unique to help members of the Durham community, so you’re able to help a wide range of causes at one time. 100% of the funds that we raise through Sponsorship sales will go towards providing a rewarding athletic experience. Your sponsorship will show your support for our league, our mission, and 19 other great local non-profits in the area.

Sponsorship Options

There are many different ways your business can get involved with our league. We would be glad to work on custom projects or promotions and will be flexible with any budget. Here are a few examples of sponsorship opportunities our league will have for the 2021 season at Pineywood Park.

  • Sponsor our Championship Jerseys.
    • At the end of the season, players on the winning team will receive custom Championship t-shirts. The shirts are black with white lettering. The front is the same as a Player Jersey and the back has the logo of all our partner charities. Your business name, logo, and information will be added to the bottom of the shirt’s back with a “Sponsored by” header. The design is similar to the back of the jersey shown here. Each year, 32 people will receive this shirt.
  • Sponsor our Fan Shirts.
    • These shirts are similar to the Championship Jerseys, but they are able to be purchased by fans & friends and offered as prizes and giveaways for in-season contests. Amounts vary by demand, but we usually sell or donate around 75 of these shirts each season.
  • Sponsor our On-Field Precautions. 
    • Due to COVID, we are increasing our player safety tools. We will have a rope along the fence line that marks off 10′ spaces for players to gather when they are not playing. Each space will be utilized by a different player as physical distancing markers to follow during the game. The rope can either have one large sign at the start of the rope with your business name and logo, or many small signs at each player’s station.
    • You can sponsor a sign at the new check-in station, so each player should see the signage as they enter the field for their games. This area will be used to provide masks, sanitizer, and process player registrations and donation drives.
    • We will be using printed lineup and attendance cards that will be hung near the dugout during every game. Your business name and logo will be added to the bottom of the lineup card as an official sponsor and viewed any time a player looks at the lineup.
  • Sponsor our Newsletters and Website.
    • If you want to run an all-digital campaign, we can offer spots on the sidebar of every page on our site and ad placement in every weekly newsletter to players. Players and teams reference the standings, results, and schedule frequently and repeatedly, so your name and logo would be exposed to every player many times throughout the season.
  • Sponsor the Game Balls.
    • This is an opportunity to have your business name engraved on every game ball we play with during the regular season.

We DO NOT allow sponsorship of the Team Jerseys themselves. The entire purpose of the league is to promote our non-profit sponsors, so they receive first and only billing on every jersey that will be used in-game. 100% of the funds we receive from Field Sponsorships will be used to improve the league and benefit the missions of our non-profit partners.

Ad Design

If you need help with design for the online graphics, we will create an image that meets our standards for an additional $25. Graphics should be provided in .pdf, .psd, .svg, or .ai. If these are unavailable, we can usually process the highest-quality .jpg you can find. All content must be entirely family friendly. Only company logos, graphics, and text are allowed on the sign – no photos, faces, or people. You will have the opportunity to approve any design prior to production.

If you have any questions, please ask!