How Team Assignments Are Determined

We have 16 amazing charities to choose from and believe every Team Sponsor is worthy of your efforts, but we understand that there might be several players or teams who would prefer to play for the same specific charity. Since we are growing this year and have a lot of teams returning, I thought it would be helpful to outline exactly how the teams are being assigned this season. Because we have more full teams returning, the priority system is a little more complicated this year.

Team Assignments will be determined in the following order:

  1. Previous Year’s Team Renews. If a group played for a particular charity last season and brings back at least half of the same group, they will have first priority to retain their previous Charity. This priority expires on 3/1, at which time the team becomes available to outside Players.
  2. New Teams. If a Group signs up to play for a brand new Team Sponsor (eg. NCFFF, C2C), it is first come, first serve. Unless 9+ Free Agents have already signed up for their Team, these Teams are taken as soon as a Group pays for them.
  3. Order of Registration. If you sign up first, you win any tie-breakers against anyone else that may be competing for the same roster spot.
  4. Groups Stay Together. Because we prioritize keeping your Group together, your Team Assignment may be forced based on other Group registrations. Your Group will always play together, but may be assigned to different teams to balance rosters.
  5. Male / Female Balance. If necessary, Teams may be cut off from adding either Males or Females. The goal is to have 10 Males and 6 Females per team.

That covers the basics, but we’re glad to answer any questions about Team Assignments by contacting us here. There is probably going to be a bit of wiggle room and compromise within this structure, so hopefully we make a fun and balanced league.

Regardless of how the Teams play on the field, here is a description of the causes we are helping through our 16 local non-profit Sponsors:

Good luck to everyone!

Softball Practice!

Action shot of a pitch being thrown during Spring softball practice

Our first softball practice of the year went great this weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out to play! We had a lot of fun taking some batting practice, fielding some infield and outfield, and playing a few mini games. A special thanks to Chris at MoveEvolve Fitness for guiding our group through stretches before we got started!

As a reminder, we’ll be holding slow pitch softball practices every Sunday in March as we get ready for our Spring season, beginning on April 8, 2018! Here are the dates, with a link to our Facebook event for each one:

Practice will be held at our home field at 223 E. Institute Dr, Durham, NC, 27703.

2018 Spring Softball Registrations are OPEN!

All 8 of Our Non-Profit Sponsor Organizations


Registrations are now open for our 2018 Spring season!

Players can sign up to play for one of the sponsor organizations in the league and compete to earn donations for their cause. The season starts on April 8 and registrations are limited, so sign up now!

For registration details, visit:

Sponsor Organizations:
Girls on the Run of the Triangle
Hope Animal Rescue
Housing for New Hope
Meals on Wheels of Durham
Miracle League of the Triangle
South Durham Little League
STEM in the Park

Special thanks to The Research Triangle Park for their contributions.