Donation Drive #2 – Dog Toys for Hope Animal Rescue

Donation Drive #2 - Dog Toys for Hope Animal Rescue!

Donate your dog toys to Hope Animal Rescue this weekend!


I hope everyone had a great bye week and got to spend some time with their family. Our sock drive was a big success a few weeks ago, so I’m excited about our next donation drive this weekend! It looks like we are going to have some trouble with the rain, but we can at least pretend it’ll happen for now. If we get rained out this week, both of our events will be rescheduled.

DOG TOY DONATION DRIVE: The team that donates the most dog toys to Hope Animal Rescue this week will earn a $25 bonus donation towards their team sponsor’s charity. Any type, size, or style of dog toy will be accepted. If a dog is supposed to chew on it and use it for fun or exercise, it counts as a dog toy. Items must be new or lightly used, with at least ~75% of its usable life still left. Donations will be accepted at the field until the last out of the last game of the day.

VEGGIE DAY: Dig It Farm will be out at the fields this weekend with a free serving of veggies for all players! They should have some extra produce to sell to fans and players if you want more locally grown, fresh picked veggies to take home with you. Their Spring CSA is just getting started and the Summer CSA starts in a couple months at $10/week. Highly recommended!

Hope for good weather!