2019 Durham Softball Haiku Contest

I know you were all waiting for it, so here we go…


Still with us? Cool! This year we’re trying a little different format.

Starting on Thursday, February 21, we will be accepting entries to our annual softball/baseball haiku contest. The contest is free to enter and anyone is eligible to win. Poets who wish to enter the contest must submit their haiku as a Guest Post on our Facebook page’s 2019 Haiku Contest Event Page before March 1, 2019.

All valid entries will then be included on a single ballot, beginning March 2, 2019. Members of the general public will have the opportunity to submit their votes for the “Best” haiku, according to these general standards:

  1. Relates to the game of softball or baseball. The haiku must be about softball or baseball. A haiku about soccer will not win (don’t even try it, Joe). The more specific and authentic to the core nature of the sport, the better.
  2. Sounds like a haiku. Make it poetic, abstract, and beautiful. Don’t be obvious. Leave room for interpretation.
  3. Build excitement for the game. Inspire someone to go play catch. Or, pick up a bat and take some practice swings. They’re gonna kill it this year, and they know it. Encourage them.

After all votes are tallied, we’ll settle on a Final 3. These finalists will then go up against each other in a public vote (on Facebook) for the Grand Prize.

The winner will receive a Free Durham Softball Fan Shirt, an engraved softball with their name, and the prestigious title of 2019 Durham Softball Haiku Champion!

If you have any questions about the contest, please ask!

Softball Haiku Contest

We recently held a Softball Haiku contest on our Facebook page, so I thought I’d post the entries here. The winner will receive a custom engraved softball with their name and poem, plus the title of Durham Softball Haiku Champion! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Lila #1

Softball Sundays are
Always fun. Hear the bat crack
And watch the ball fly

Lila #2

Watch them swing the bat
There’s a crack and the ball flies
Run the bases, Go!!!


Hot humid we play
Help the charity today
Play softball all day


Bull City Softball
Hit the ball, round the bases
Charity wins! BEER!!


Bases and count: full.
Smell of leather, caked in dirt,
Glory in a swing

Samantha (WINNER!)

Two by nine we dance,
through fields of chalk and diamonds,
we’ll find our way home


Hear the ball go crack.
See the bat that splits in half.
Cheer and shout: HOMERUN!