Captain’s Interview: Housing for New Hope

Housing for New Hope

Before our inaugural Durham Softball season, we asked our team captains to answer some questions about their organizations so we can help educate our players on their cause and why their work is important for the Durham community. These are their answers!

Housing for New Hope

Co-Captain’s Name:
Christy Thompson

Job / Title with Non-Profit:
Development Director

Personal Background:
I am a native of North Carolina, having grown up in Tarboro. I attended UNC-CH for undergraduate school and Pfeiffer University for graduate school. I am guardian and primary caregiver for my 13 year old great niece and two fur babies.

Softball Background:
I loved softball in 8th grade. I played in high school a little, and again when employed at a local psychiatric hospital. Since that time, many moons ago, I’ve not had the opportunity to participate in the game. I am an excellent cheerleader though! Heyyy batter batter!!

What do you like most about Housing for New Hope?
I love that Housing for New Hope is bringing awareness and understanding to an issue that can be very uncomfortable to deal with – homelessness. We are responding to the needs of our community by doing outreach to those living unsheltered, helping families move from shelters to a home of their own, and providing necessary supports to those who need to build self-sufficiency skills to live independently. But, my favorite thing is that we are helping to change the common misconception of what homelessness looks like and who it impacts.

Please describe Housing for New Hope and what they do for the Durham community.
Housing for New Hope works to prevent and end homelessness in our community.

What is a specific project/initiative will a contribution from Durham Softball help?
Donations will likely assist one of two programs:

  • Welcoming New Families Home – Help us purchase needed household items for families moving from homelessness to home!
  • Life Skills Management Classes- Provide bus passes and needed class materials (notebooks, pens, binders, etc…) for our tenants add they learn self-sufficiency skills.

Why did Housing for New Hope want to join the Durham Softball League?
We were flattered to be invited to participate in this league. Although we’ve been around for 26 years, we aren’t as well-known as we’d like. Joining the Durham Softball league gave us the opportunity to share our mission with our community and have a little fun in the process!

What would Housing for New Hope do with a $200 donation from Durham Softball? What would they do with a $1000 donation?
A $200 donation would help us purchase 5 welcome kits for families moving into new homes. A $1000 donation would completely furnish a new home for TWO families moving from homelessness to a new home.

Other than your own team, what other non-profit in the Durham Softball League would you want to win the championship? Why?
There are so many wonderful nonprofits in this league. I find value in each of them and feel as though they provide essential services to our community.

Featured Week Donation Item: Bath Towels!

One of the missions at Housing for New Hope is to help the community understand how they can be a part of the solution and be an advocate for our neighbors who have no voice. Things that are often taken for granted by many of us are extremely important to others. Did you happen to get an extra set of bath towels as a present that have been sitting in a closet for months? Re-paint the bathroom and have to get all new matching everything? Order the wrong monogram and/or change your name? We want your new and lightly used Bath Towels! Any new or lightly used bath towels, including hand towels and bath mats, will be accepted.

During one week of the 2018 season, Durham Softball players will have the chance to donate BATH TOWELS to Housing for New Hope. The team that combines to bring the most bath towels will earn a bonus donation for their team’s sponsor! You’ll earn a point per towel and donations will be accepted at the field until the last out of the last game each week.

Thanks for your support!