2019 League Schedule

The Durham Softball League starts playing games during the first week of April each year. Easter is on April 21 this season, so the 2019 season will start on Sunday, March 31. The year will be split into two separate seasons (Spring and Summer), with the second season beginning one week after the first season’s Championship game.

Season Schedule

During 2019, there are 25 eligible weeks during the year where Durham Softball League games may be played:

Date Week of Games
Sunday, March 31, 2019 1
Sunday, April 7, 2019 2
Sunday, April 14, 2019 3
Sunday, April 21, 2019 NO GAMES – EASTER
Sunday, April 28, 2019 4
Sunday, May 5, 2019 5
Sunday, May 12, 2019 NO GAMES – MOTHER’S DAY
Sunday, May 19, 2019 6
Sunday, June 2, 2019 7
Sunday, June 9, 2019 8
Sunday, June 16, 2019 NO GAMES – FATHER’S DAY
Sunday, June 23, 2019 9
Sunday, June 30, 2019 10
Sunday, July 7, 2019 NO GAMES – JULY 4TH WEEKEND
Sunday, July 14, 2019 11
Sunday, July 21, 2019 12
Sunday, July 28, 2019 13
Sunday, August 4, 2019 14
Sunday, August 11, 2019 15
Sunday, August 18, 2019 16
Sunday, August 25, 2019 17
Sunday, September 1, 2019 NO GAMES – LABOR DAY WEEKEND
Sunday, September 8, 2019 18
Sunday, September 15, 2019 19
Sunday, September 22, 2019 20
Sunday, September 29, 2019 21
Sunday, October 6, 2019 22
Sunday, October 13, 2019 23
Sunday, October 20, 2019 24
Sunday, October 27, 2019 25
Sunday, November 3, 2019 26
Sunday, November 10, 2019 NO GAMES – VETERAN’S DAY WEEKEND
Sunday, November 17, 2019 27
Sunday, November 24, 2019 28
Sunday, December 1, 2019 29
Sunday, December 8, 2019 30
Sunday, December 15, 2019 31
TOTAL 31 Weeks to Play 22 Weeks

The league does not play games on Sunday when national holidays fall on a Sunday or Monday during the year.

With 8 Regular Season Weeks and 1 Playoff Week, the two seasons will require a total of 18 Sundays each year. With 26 Eligible Sundays between April 8 and November 1, we have 8 “built-in” weeks to accommodate rain-out reschedules and still get both seasons in before the end of the year.

Spring Season: Starts Sunday, March 31, 2019; ends after 10 eligible weeks.

The Spring league has the potential to finish on July 14th, which is the 11th eligible week of the season. With at least a couple rain-outs likely, a more realistic date for the Championship game might be July 21 or July 28. Whenever the Championship game from the Spring season is played, the Summer season will begin exactly one week later.

Summer Season: Starts 1 weeks after Spring Season ends; ends after 10 eligible weeks.

If the Summer season’s “one week later” start date lands on a holiday, the season will start two weeks later. This means the earliest that the Summer season might begin is July 21, because it is one week after the earliest date that the Spring season could end. Because it is unlikely for the Spring season to be completed with out any rain-outs, a more realistic date for the Summer season’s Opening Day is July 28 or August 4.

With good weather, it is possible to end both seasons as early as October 6th, the 22nd eligible week of the season. For each rain-out during the year, the seasons would get one week longer.

Weekly Schedule

Games are played on Sundays and start between 10am and 5pm.

  • Each team will play a single game each day.
  • The regular season will consist of 10 games.
  • The 11th week of each season will feature two single-elimination tournaments. The Consolation Tournament will be played between the Bottom 4 teams competing for 5th Place; the Championship Tournament will be played by the Top 4 teams competing for 1st Place.

“Featured Organization” Each Week

All teams will have a single week where their non-profit is featured to highlight and promote their non-profit to the other members of the league. The captain of the team, or a representative of the non-profit, is invited and encouraged to stay for the remaining games to talk with the other teams before their game, let them know more about your organization, and collect any donated items that teams may bring to the fields.

Rain-Outs / Rescheduling Games

When a week gets rained out, all games are rescheduled for the last week of the regular season. This makes sure that most games on the schedule are played as originally scheduled at the start of the season so players can better plan their weekends ahead of time.

If some games are played, but other games need to be rescheduled, those games would always be made up during the last week of the season, even if other games get rained out after them. In an emergency, alternate arrangements to play games earlier/later in the day may be considered if both teams agree to the accommodations.

Due to time restrictions, the Spring season must end no later than the end of July, with the Summer season ending no later than the end of October. If we get rained out more than 4 times, games that cannot meet these time frames may be forced to cancel entirely.

2018 Final Budget Report

Budget for Durham Softball, a charity softball league in Durham, NC
Final 2018 Budget Report for Durham Softball! Thanks to everyone for playing and making this year possible. Here is the recap of a few goals we had for the league this year and how close we came to achieving them:

1. Field a league with 8 teams of players. 
We only had 5 in the Spring, but we had 11 in the Summer. We averaged 8 teams per season, so we’ll call that a SUCCESS.

2. Donate 40% of our revenues. 
We definitely underestimated the cost of certain items in our budget, but they ended up being necessary to build a foundation for future seasons. Still, I think hindsight has shown that was way too optimistic. After going through Year 1, I’d now say 22.75% is pretty solid, but we FAILED on this one.

3. Donate more than $3,000. 
We *only* donated $2,800 in cash and didn’t quite hit $3,000, but our physical item donation drives were much more successful than I anticipated. With an estimated value of an additional $2,500 worth of items donated, I think we should call this a SUCCESS.

4. Get the Durham Bulls Baseball Club to acknowledge our league’s existence. 
We were really just hoping for a Twitter shout out or something, but we won their $10,000 Ballpark Renovation Grant and got invited onto the DBAP field to represent our league at a Bulls game. That was incredible. I still can’t believe it happened, but there are photos so I’m pretty sure it was real. Huge SUCCESS here.

5. Reach 500 Facebook Followers. 
We didn’t make it to 500, but the Followers we do have are great. If you’ve read this far and you’re still reading because you care about this league, you’re extra awesome. We FAILED, but maybe we’ll get there before next season!

Going 3 for 5 sounds like a pretty good game, so we’ll take it! Thanks again for playing everyone!

2018 Summer Playoff Format

With four teams now half way through their regular season schedule, here is a reminder of this season’s playoff structure. Just like last season, each victory in the playoffs will earn $50 for that team’s sponsor! The Championship Bracket’s winner will earn $200 for their charity, so we’ll have at least $600 up for grabs over the two week tournament. Should be a fun couple of weeks!

Durham Bulls Ballpark Renovation Project Award Presentation

Durham Bulls Ballpark Project

Our league applied for the $10,000 Durham Bulls and Coastal Credit Union Ballpark Renovation Project grant, awarded to four deserving organizations in the Triangle area. And we won! From Capital Broadcasting:

Four organizations have been chosen as the inaugural winners of the Durham Bulls Ballpark Project presented by Coastal Credit Union. Person High School, Bull City Little League, Durham Softball and Hillsborough Youth Athletic Association have each earned a $10,000 donation for facility renovations.

“This was an extremely tough decision for our committee, as every application was well-done,” Durham Bulls Vice President Mike Birling said. “In the end, these four organizations stood out not only as worthy groups, but as locations which will help to grow the sports of baseball and softball for years to come.”

Person High School will have renovations made to both its baseball and softball fields, and Bull City Little League will see an improvement to its facility which houses three fields. The Durham Softball facility will have an overhaul for the first time since it was built, and Hillsborough Youth Athletic League will see renovations for its over 500 children who participate in its leagues each year.

Each facility will be renovated in the coming months, with a list of priorities submitted by each location. Additionally, representatives from each organization will be honored on-field at Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Tuesday, August 7.

I am super excited about what this means for our league and our future in Durham sports. I want to thank all the players for believing in the concept and making this amazing league possible.

To celebrate, get your Durham Bulls tickets for Tuesday, August 7 through this link! The Bulls and Columbus Clippers will play a doubleheader (two 7-inning games) starting at 6:05pm.

As if $2 Taco Tuesday wasn’t enough motivation to attend, we get to accept the $10,000 check for our league on the field in-between the two games! Special tickets are discounted down to just $8.99 and two sections of tickets have been reserved for all winners!

Represent our league and wear your Durham Softball shirt, if you can. I’ll make a cool, custom Durham Softball keychain for anyone who wears their Durham Softball jersey and tags our league in a Facebook post on your personal timeline or on our page’s timeline. Show off your Durham Softball pride and help support the other three deserving winners during the ceremony in-between games of the double header! I hope to see you there!


Softball Haiku Contest

We recently held a Softball Haiku contest on our Facebook page, so I thought I’d post the entries here. The winner will receive a custom engraved softball with their name and poem, plus the title of Durham Softball Haiku Champion! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Lila #1

Softball Sundays are
Always fun. Hear the bat crack
And watch the ball fly

Lila #2

Watch them swing the bat
There’s a crack and the ball flies
Run the bases, Go!!!


Hot humid we play
Help the charity today
Play softball all day


Bull City Softball
Hit the ball, round the bases
Charity wins! BEER!!


Bases and count: full.
Smell of leather, caked in dirt,
Glory in a swing

Samantha (WINNER!)

Two by nine we dance,
through fields of chalk and diamonds,
we’ll find our way home


Hear the ball go crack.
See the bat that splits in half.
Cheer and shout: HOMERUN!

April 8 Softball Games are POSTPONED due to Rain

Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone this week’s co-ed adult slow pitch softball games due to the field conditions. The outfield is soaked and there are several lakes around the field, so there was no chance of drying by noon today. We’ll hope for better luck this week and reschedule Durham Softball’s Opening Day for Sunday, April 15. These softball games will be rescheduled and played later in the season at our home softball fields at 223 E. Institute Dr, Durham, NC, 27703.

Next Week’s Softball Schedule: http://www.durhamsoftball.com/calendar/2018-spring/

The weather looks more promising this week, so hopefully we can play ball soon!

Ryan Mentock

Valid Starting Lineups

Our goal is to always allow teams to play a game that counts, even if they have to play at a disadvantage. The most likely cause of an invalid roster is not having enough female players to field a full “7 Males / 3 Females” defensive lineup. To make sure the game can be played, we have relaxed the rules and requirements for a valid roster to also accommodate 1 or 2 Females on the roster. Below are the scenarios that might come up with the number of players who arrive each game.

  • 1 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 8 Males, 1 Female, Opponent as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-(Out)
    • Max. 9 Players in the Lineup
    • Additional Males can substitute in during the game
  • 2 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 8 Males, 2 Females, Male as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 10 Players in the Lineup
    • Additional Males can substitute in during the game
  • 3 Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup (Preferred Minimum Lineup)
    • 7+ Males, 3 Females, Any Player as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F-M-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 15 Players in the Lineup
  • 4+ Female Defensive/Offensive Lineup
    • 6-7+ Males, 3-4+ Females, Any Player as Catcher
    • M-M-M-M-F-M-M-F-M-M-F-M-M-M-F
    • Max. 15 Players in the Lineup

A maximum of 10 defensive players are permitted on the field at any time. At least 4 of those players must be positioned in the Outfield Grass prior to the pitch.

No more than 4 Male Batters can hit in a row. This includes the end of the lineup, where the order wraps around back to the top of the lineup.

If a team has only 1 Female Player available, the other team may volunteer a Catcher who’s only responsibility is to return pitched balls to the pitcher.

If a team has only 2 Female Players available, a Male on their own team must play catcher.

2018 Spring Sponsor Donation Pool

2018 Durham Softball Budget

SPONSOR DONATION POOL – 2018 Pre-Season Projection

To make the games mean something, the teams are also playing for bonus donation amounts that are distributed from the Sponsor Donation Pool. Teams can earn extra bonuses for their Sponsors by achieving several different goals during the season.

Charity Distributions $ Donated
Divided by All Teams $4.00 / Game
Game Winner $3.00 / Game
Tournament Winner $100 / Season
Tournament Runner-Up $50 / Season
Regular Season 1st $100 / Season
Regular Season 2nd $50 / Season
7 Weekly Donation Drive Events $25 / Event
  • Play a single game. Each charity receives $2 per game just for playing.
  • Win a single game. Each charity receives an extra $3 per victory during the regular season.
  • Finish in 1st place. The first-place regular season team will earn $100 for their charity.
  • Finish in 2nd place. The second-place regular season team will earn $50 for their charity.
  • Win the Tournament. The tournament winner will earn $100 for their charity.
  • Runner-Up in Tournament. The tournament’s runner-up will earn $50 for their charity.
  • Win a Donation Drive Event. Win $25 for your charity by donating the most of a particular item during the contest.
  • Umpire’s Charity. Any amounts left at the end of the season will be given to one charity selected by the umpire based on each team’s attitude and sportsmanship during the season.





Including our weekly donation contests, we are projecting a minimum donation of $800 for our 2018 Spring Season. The donation range for each of our 8 charities will be between a $28 and $214, depending on how many games the team wins, where they place in the regular season, and how well they do in the tournament.

The amount of the 5th place team’s regular season earnings will also be donated to South Durham Little League, Kidznotes, and Meals on Wheels. All donations will be made with a one-time payment to the Sponsor at the end of the season, once the final amounts have been calculated.

Captain’s Interview: Housing for New Hope

Housing for New Hope

Before our inaugural Durham Softball season, we asked our team captains to answer some questions about their organizations so we can help educate our players on their cause and why their work is important for the Durham community. These are their answers!

Housing for New Hope

Co-Captain’s Name:
Christy Thompson

Job / Title with Non-Profit:
Development Director

Personal Background:
I am a native of North Carolina, having grown up in Tarboro. I attended UNC-CH for undergraduate school and Pfeiffer University for graduate school. I am guardian and primary caregiver for my 13 year old great niece and two fur babies.

Softball Background:
I loved softball in 8th grade. I played in high school a little, and again when employed at a local psychiatric hospital. Since that time, many moons ago, I’ve not had the opportunity to participate in the game. I am an excellent cheerleader though! Heyyy batter batter!!

What do you like most about Housing for New Hope?
I love that Housing for New Hope is bringing awareness and understanding to an issue that can be very uncomfortable to deal with – homelessness. We are responding to the needs of our community by doing outreach to those living unsheltered, helping families move from shelters to a home of their own, and providing necessary supports to those who need to build self-sufficiency skills to live independently. But, my favorite thing is that we are helping to change the common misconception of what homelessness looks like and who it impacts.

Please describe Housing for New Hope and what they do for the Durham community.
Housing for New Hope works to prevent and end homelessness in our community.

What is a specific project/initiative will a contribution from Durham Softball help?
Donations will likely assist one of two programs:

  • Welcoming New Families Home – Help us purchase needed household items for families moving from homelessness to home!
  • Life Skills Management Classes- Provide bus passes and needed class materials (notebooks, pens, binders, etc…) for our tenants add they learn self-sufficiency skills.

Why did Housing for New Hope want to join the Durham Softball League?
We were flattered to be invited to participate in this league. Although we’ve been around for 26 years, we aren’t as well-known as we’d like. Joining the Durham Softball league gave us the opportunity to share our mission with our community and have a little fun in the process!

What would Housing for New Hope do with a $200 donation from Durham Softball? What would they do with a $1000 donation?
A $200 donation would help us purchase 5 welcome kits for families moving into new homes. A $1000 donation would completely furnish a new home for TWO families moving from homelessness to a new home.

Other than your own team, what other non-profit in the Durham Softball League would you want to win the championship? Why?
There are so many wonderful nonprofits in this league. I find value in each of them and feel as though they provide essential services to our community.

Featured Week Donation Item: Bath Towels!

One of the missions at Housing for New Hope is to help the community understand how they can be a part of the solution and be an advocate for our neighbors who have no voice. Things that are often taken for granted by many of us are extremely important to others. Did you happen to get an extra set of bath towels as a present that have been sitting in a closet for months? Re-paint the bathroom and have to get all new matching everything? Order the wrong monogram and/or change your name? We want your new and lightly used Bath Towels! Any new or lightly used bath towels, including hand towels and bath mats, will be accepted.

During one week of the 2018 season, Durham Softball players will have the chance to donate BATH TOWELS to Housing for New Hope. The team that combines to bring the most bath towels will earn a bonus donation for their team’s sponsor! You’ll earn a point per towel and donations will be accepted at the field until the last out of the last game each week.

Thanks for your support!